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Introduction to the Game

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1Introduction to the Game Empty Introduction to the Game on Tue Oct 09, 2012 9:39 pm

Colonial Transport Three Zero Zero One Five Nine- Earth deportation to Lunar Centauri Prime Now Boarding. Please Take Your Boarding Passports to Loading Platform Three, Loading Cryo Hauler FTL Cruiser Dieval Nine Nine Three Nine

Cryo Hauler- Standard FTL Drive for Commercial use. Standard Speed: .01 L.Y. per. Hour.
Distance to Destination: 4.22 Light Years.
Time to Destination: 17 days, 12hours (422hours total).
Emergency Provisions: Triple Redundant Flight Crew Wake Up Protocols, Emergency Cargo Ejection, Segmented Bulkheads. 20day backup battery for Life support systems to each Cryo Pod Group. 15 day emergency survival rations.

Lunar Centauri Prime Colony Station: Services all Centauri space travel in or through the Centauri borders.
Current Status: Secure. No Travel Advisories.
Security: Military Patrol. No Rescue Services

Centauri Prime Colony: Cities: Prime York: Capital, Cenaturis: Oldest city, Industrial center, Archeries: Ecological Development and Teraforming Projects.
Government: Dictatorial Parliament.
Leading Party: Darwip. Party Platform: Human evolution has become stymied through technology. It has lost a drive to improve itself and thus must be jump started and pushed through artificial means. Genetic manipulation is a natural exploration of the human potential.
Colonial Status: Subversive to Empire legal position.
Travel Advisory: Non genetic modified individuals are second class citizens.
Magic Status: Low Magic Field. Non Existent in Prime York, Centauris. Legal Status: Mages must register upon arrival and agree to tracking devices. Citizenship is denied.
Psychic Status: License and Registry describing abilities and range. May be drafted by government for law enforcement or military projects.
Ecological Advisories: Re population attempts at earth indigenous species make it a class A felony to cause the death of the following species in any manner determined to be intentional. (list included.)

Centauri Prime Lunar 1: Military Outpost- All military prospects are required to subject themselves to super soldier procedures. Xeno-grafting is at soldier option.
Magic Status: None.
Psychic Status: Psy Corp. only.
Travel Advisory: Restricted to military and support personnel only.

Centauri C Prime: Cities: New Salem, Caladon, Diana
Government: Democratic Parliament
Primary Party: Olympians
Travel advisory: Magical Tolerant.
Magical status: High. Artificially High in Cities.
Psionic Status: Open.
Military Status: Dependent on Earth regulation and Centauri Prime for Space Military Assets.

Beta Centauri Prime: Earth Colonial Magistrate and Governmental Center. Capital: TeraNova.
Government: Legislative Magistrate appointed by Earth Planetary Government. Local Government Nominated by democratic election, ratified by Earth Legislature.
Travel Advisory: None.
Legal Advisories: Earth Normal.
Magical Status: Low magic. Legal Status: Earth.
Prychic: Registry.

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