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Rules Errata

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Rules Errata:

Werewolves and Fera Essence:
Werewolves may spend 1 essence to add their Primal Urge to their Defense for 1 round if they would spend rage for extra actions.

Vampire Generation/Blood Potency:
Generations 13-12: Minimum blood potency 1
Generations 11-10: Minimum blood potency 2
Generations 9-8: Minimum blood potency 3
Generation 7-6: Minimum blood potency 4
Generation 5-4: Minimum blood potency 5
Generation 3: Minimum blood potency 6

Mage Avatars and Ruling Arcana:
Dynamic: Ruling Arcana: Mind, Space or Time; Inferior Arcanum: Spirit
Pattern: Forces, Matter, or Life; Inferior Arcanum: Death
Primordial: Death, Prime, of Spirit; Inferior Arcanum: Fate
Questing: Fate, Prime, or Space; Inferior Arcanum: Mind

Tradition Arcanum:

Akashic Brotherhood: Ruling Arcanum: Mind or Life
Rote Skills: Athletics, Brawl, Medicine
Celestial Chorus: Ruling Arcanum: Prime, Forces, or Spirit
Rote Skills: Academics, Expression, Persuasion
Cult of Ecstasy: Ruling Arcanum: Time, Life, or Mind
Rote Skills: Athletics, Empathy, Socialize
Dreamspeakers: Ruling Arcanum: Spirit, Forces, Life, or Matter
Rote Skills: Occult, Survival, Expression
Euthanatos: Ruling Arcanum: Fate, Life, or Spirit
Rote Skills: Investigation, Stealth, Weaponry
Order of Hermes: Ruling Arcanum: Forces
Rote Skills: Intimidation, Occult,Socialize
Sons of Ether: Ruling Arcanum: Matter, Forces or Prime
Rote Skills: Academics, Crafts, Science
Verbena: Ruling Arcanum: Life or Forces
Rote Skills: Animal Ken, Medicine, Survival
Virtual Adepts: Ruling Arcanum: Space or Forces
Rote Skills: Academics, Computer, Socialize

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