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The Derelict

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1The Derelict Empty The Derelict on Tue Jul 28, 2015 9:28 pm

The towering 3 wing structure stands adjacent to the deep recessing fields that at one point might have been gardens or even a sports stadium. Seven decades of neglect have left the fields and any structures overrun by the now old growth streets and undergrowth encroaching on even the main structure.

Decrepit gargoyles glare, when they have faces, and lunge, when they have bodies, from each angular corner and terrace.

Supplement buildings both overtaken by the encroaching wild and left at mercy to the waves and weather resting on the beach of the nearby bay barely stand, often with only partial roofs and half fallen walls.

Crumbling stone and plaster decorate the walls of the buildings surrounding on three sides by the overgrowth overtaken courtyards. Long driveways and decrepit parking lots facing the road access.

Old Photo

Sample Images

Sample Images 2

Image Inspiration

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2The Derelict Empty Re: The Derelict on Tue Aug 04, 2015 5:14 am

Brief History:

The Derelict

The initial structure was built in 1617 by the youngest son of Lord Allfred Nicholas to manage a large land grant (Nahant). The original house and settlement however failed and was left to ruin before in 1630 the Johnson family resettled the land and built their own properties on the ruins. The house was expanded several times but demolished an Indian raid during the French Indian war. A Lord Governor from England in 1768 was appointed. A successor of Lord Nicholas he rebuilt the property as a governing structure and school, but it was forced to be abandoned in 1775 when Massachusetts declared a state of rebellion. While several noble families from England had younger members of their family present in the area of Nahant, few were discovered by the rebels to be taken prisoner.
In 1802 the property became a hotel built by one of the Johnsons who had claimed the property after the war. In 1875 the building however had again fallen to disrepair and the resort business of the rest of the town competed strongly causing it to be sold and refurbished into an asylum.
The Nichols Hospital, with the motto “Vincam in Virtute Animae,” opened 1876. It operated for the next 50 plus years before being shut down by the state during the Second World War. The structure has decayed ever since.

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3The Derelict Empty Re: The Derelict on Mon Aug 10, 2015 7:36 am

Project Designation: Dormitory houses and resident services with intentions to specialize for Psychiatry premed and social science majors.

Dormitory House Expectations: Each Dormitory Yard (House) must be capable of housing between 100 to 400 students with a standard of living equivalent to the other Yards and Housing options.

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