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History of the Allied Terran Federation

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1History of the Allied Terran Federation Empty History of the Allied Terran Federation on Thu Jul 26, 2012 11:09 am

2050- Scientists fiddling with ancient alien technology accidentally open a WarpGate releasing a squad of Elv'eldar agents onto earth. The worlds largest and most coordinated manhunt for the alien fugitives commences and in the process all of the aliens are killed but not before activating the Mana-Stone of Stonehenge and sending a message to their home world. The Mana-Stone remains active heightening energy levels in northern Europe and the British Isles.

2051- Elv-eldar demands apology and recompense for the death of their citizens, claiming Earth is at fault and abducted peaceful citizens. Earth counters with the destructiveness of the technology the alien agents had been found wielding.

2051- Elv-eldar launches 6 GroveShips. Demanding the return of the bodies of their fallen citizens. Earth refuses.

2052- Groveships detonate 7 mana stones over earth heightening the manazones of the entire earth. The most industrialized areas of China, Japan, and United States remain least effected while mystics and aspiring sorcerers begin to actually be able to affect the world around them. Elv'eldar issue ultimatum of return of their citizens or face war.

2053- First Total Planetary Defense Alliance is ratified and a launches a preemptive assault against orbiting Groveships. 60 tactical nuclear missiles are launched. 2 ships are crippled, 1 is lost. In retaliation the remaining ships launch invasion forces. Earth unprepared for the true applications of magical energy applications suffers crippling losses early.

2054- In desperate measure, the Planetary Defense Council authorizes the activation of the warp gate which has been under extreme guard inside one of the worlds few remaining mana dead zones. Activating the gate in an attempt to find allies or additional options the gate opens this time to the Urokai homeworld. The hoards of Urok sweep out and immediatly engage and push back the Elv'eldar. Unfortunately all attempts to negotiate fail as the Urok begin conquering Africa and Australia. Their technology is more compatible with Earths but Urok legions also bring the presence of entities they call Derfyrs that drive the Urok into killing and genocidal furies.

2055- The first earth native meta-humans are discovered. Despite popularization of terms such as Vampire and Werewolf, the Sanguivorious Sapien and Hyper Accelerated Proteans are instantly drafted into special military units and the first victories against Urok and Elv'eldar armies. Sanguivorious infiltrators secure valuable intelligence of an alien artifact lost on earth in the Amazon Basin.

2057- The weapon is discovered to be the stasis chamber of what witnesses claim resembled a dragon. Attempts to study the chamber cause a cascade overload which causes a mana surge destroying half the mana dependent technologies currently on Earth. Since only human technology is non-mana dependent, Humans finally are able to repel invading forces and shut down the gate now called the Urok Gate.

2060- All non human entities still on earth are required to register, and relegated to specific zones, for both human and xeno safety. Rebuilding has begun, nearly a decade of war has destroyed all previous political affiliations between earth factions. Emphasis on defensive forces and defense against the Xeno-threat are placed highest on governmental priorities.

2061- Magical Registry act requires all humans possessing magical aptitude certifying their status as pure human.

2062- The announcement of the G.I. Combat Bioroid is the first example of species creating by genetic manipulation. In 7 years the model makes up 63% of all military personnel.

2069- Combat Bioriods begin demanding independence and status as citizens.

2073- A third denial of bioroids as citizens causes a revolt by the G.I. Series now calling themselves Nietzians. The war is short, and while Earth is successful in repelling the revolutionaries the Nietzians leave to colonize several large asteroid mining centers and a Jupiter moon, even leave the solar system becomming the first terrans to do so.

2075- Species creating is deemed illegal by the planetary congress.

2080- Elv-eldar emissaries are publicly recieved by the planetary congress and an ambassador is for the first time given diplomatic status.

2085- Elv-eldar ambassador is restricted to his embassy compound after a secure meeting with Planetary leaders.

2100- First human FTL drives are developed and humans begin traveling to nearby sectors encountering the Xeno-Species.

2110- Earth Government renamed to Allied Terran Federation.

2110- Earth has victory against a Nietzian- Xeno alliance of marauders plaguing Alpha Centauri outposts.

2125- Earth announces its first off world ally in the Dwarinal, a race of technologically advanced but magically suspicious people who claim a generational antagonism with the Elv'eldar and Urok. Dwarves preferring their own habitats and colonies refrain from establishing a traditional embassy and instead deliver a trans-system hyperlink system to Earth in exchange for 3000 tons of mined ores from the Asteroid belt.

2130- Commercial Genetic Modification and Engineering is legalized. As well as the Embryonic Bill of Rights limiting genetic manipulation all Embryos intended to be born to corrective procedures for genetic deformity or disease only.

2150- Current day.

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